Rusty Bucket


Rusty Bucket is a interactive performance piece for alto-saxophone and interactive computer system. The piece is consists of two part, saxophone part and computer part. Musical interactions between two parts initiate the piece's progress.

The saxophone part is composed by a composition aided software constructed by the composer. The software named "CACIE" is a composition aided software by means of interactive evolutionary computation, a kind of interactive optimization system by means of a biological evolution model. The model composed motifs, natural selection and reproduce. (See also project page) All motifs of the piece have been evolved by interaction between the composer and the computer system.

The computer part is consists of real-time generated sound effect from Max/MSP. Forthe sound effects, stochastic techniques are often used. The techniques of the pieces is composed an idea biological emergence.

The composer had a image "rain in a rusty bucket" in mind, to make the sound effects including refraction of rain drop, and stochastic behavior.

The piece performed in ICMC 2007 in copenhagen by Jeanette Balland and in IC2007 in Tokyo by Yoko Shishido.


Rusty Bucketはデンマークのコペンハーゲンで開催された国際コンピュータ音楽会議2007においてJeanette Ballandにより初演された.また,東京ではインターカレッジコンピュータ音楽コンサート2007において宍戸陽子氏により上演された.


Jeanette Balland


Jeanette Balland made her debut 1998 from the Royal Danish Academy of Music after studied with Christer Johnsson og Aage Voss. She has furthermore studied with in Holland and Schwitzerland, where she received a 'Virtuosite' from Conservatoire de Lausanne. Jeanette Balland performes as soloist and in chamber music and has in particular been active as member of Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet and DuoDenum (saxophone and percussion). She has received several prizes, both with these ensembles and as soloist.