Program Notes

"Transform of the Volition for dance and multimedia interactive computer system" is second piece in a series of collaborations between dance and music.
It features the composer Daichi Ando and the dance performer Gun Lund.
The purpose of the piece is to let the computer system serve as a musical instrument for the dancer.
The dancer can control the sound directly, and try to compose the musical piece by moving in real-time.
The system is mainly constructed using the real-time musical programing environment called Max with extended functions for video processing by the composer.


Gun Lund - Dancer

Choreographer, is well known for inventive and consistent contemporary Danceworks.

Artistic Director of E=mc2 DanceCompany. Her production since 1978 includes more than fifty original works - for tradional venues as well as sitespecifics, danced installations ... often in collaboration with other artists.
She has presented her works in Sweden as well as in New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Finland, Scotland, Germany and Latvia.